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Small island. Big impact.

We could not fulfill our mission without your generous support. Your donation to Rabbit Island will help us continue to foster the creation of bold art that cuts to heart of contemporary artistic and environmental issues, and present this work free to the public. 
By offering artists time and financial support to live and work in a true wilderness setting, we couple the human spirit of creation with the ethical tenets of ecological responsibility. Our organization also sponsors conservation programs, scientific initiatives, and immersive Art + Ecology education for local high school students. It is only with the generous help of supporters that we are able to do this.
On behalf of our organization and our resident artists we thank you!

Why give?

No matter the size, your donation makes a difference. By making a recurring donation—monthly, quarterly, or yearly—you help us in planning our program into the future.

Rabbit Island is able to have a major impact with modest means through a combination of generous volunteer hours and expertise offered by our community and board. In the last three years Rabbit Island Foundation’s annual budget has averaged ~$30,000 USD.

Our current goal is to provide even greater support for our resident artists and develop additional residency opportunities. We plan to reach larger audiences with our annual publication, and complete our comprehensive archive of photographs, film, and essays. Additionally, we will begin supporting interdisciplinary opportunities focusing on conservation and scientific fieldwork. With these goals in mind we hope to raise $50,000 for our current and upcoming program years.

The honoraria awarded to successful applicants is generous and unrestricted, to be used by the residents as they see fit. This is one of world’s highest levels of financial support for a short-term international residency program, located in an unparalleled natural setting. Because of this, each year we receive incredible applications from some of the leading artists and most innovated emerging worldwide. Since our open calls began in 2013, we have received over 2,100 applications from 47 countries. If you would like to sponsor a residency position, please get in touch with us

To learn more about the work we have supported and our exhibitions and events, please visit the Rabbit Island website.

The Rabbit Island Foundation is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.


“From its foundations to its guiding ideology, Rabbit Island challenges the status quo.”

“I will be a supporter of Rabbit Island for life … so good when a group of people can rally behind and affirm a vision.”

“We really applaud all you are doing on Rabbit Island for artists and environmental caretakers.”


Since 2011 we have fully supported 40 resident artists and hosted over 100 collaborators and researchers, sharing their work through 8 museum exhibitions, 7 publications, numerous artist talks, and performances.

In 2016 we premiered and toured an opera created on the island with the Helsinki Chamber Choir, one of Europe’s finest contemporary choirs, on their first tour of the United States.

Each year we host Rabbit Island School, providing space and time for students aged 14-18 to explore, experience, and become the next leaders in conservation and culture.  

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